Understanding Your Car - Anti-Lock Brake System

  VeHPaL      2018-02-16 17:14:39    abs

Based on request from our followers, lets discuss ABS - Anti Lock Brake System. Your ABS system prevents the wheels from locking or skidding during braking. If the brakes lock up, the vehicle takes longer to stop and the ability to steer the vehicle would be compromised.

The ABS system monitors the speed of each wheels through wheel sensors. When wheel locking is detected, hydraulic pressure to individual wheels is reduced to prevent skidding.

What Will I Feel When the ABS Engages?

  1. Brake pedal pumping and a "grinding" mechanical noise as the ABS Pump and the valve assembly to adjust the hydraulic pressure.
  2. A screeching noise may be heard from the tires as they skid for very short periods.
  3. Warning light need not be illuminated in normal ABS operation.

How Should I React When the ABS Engages

  1. Keep your foot planted on the foot pedal. Never release the pressure from the pedal.
  2. Do not panic and keep your foot planted even when you hear the grinding or knocking sound from the ABS pump and valve.
  3. Look to steer the vehicle through the danger as your ABS system is designed to prevent wheel locking and skidding in a stright line.

Your ABS is a critical element for your safety in emergency braking. If you see your Check ABS light on do contact your dealer or call toll-free @ 800 8347325 for support.