Brake noise for your car?

Why does my brake squeak?

It is quite common to be annoyed about unusual noises while you apply your brakes. The concern is very much justified as brake condition is about your safety on roads and who wants to put your self in firing line?

Some times brake noises are expected in situations like hard/sudden braking on in dusty driving conditions. Apart from these here are a few reason causing that annoying squealing noises.

Worn out Brak

Corrosion in rotors/brake discs

Subjecting the vehicle to wet or damp conditions can cause rusting on the rotor.  Once the rotor turns, the rust will then get into the leading edge of the brake pad and produce a squeaking sound.

e pads

When your brakes pads are worn out, the rotors will come in contact with little steel tabs that cause squealing noise. This is a definite indicator for you to change your brake pads. If your brake pads are not changed then, it will effect your braking and possibly damage your rotor/brake disc surface.

Worn Out Anti-Rattle Clips

The brake pads have anti - rattle clips to keep them place and prevent them from unwanted vibrations and rattling. A worn out/damaged anti rattle clips can cause unusual sounds while braking and vibrations.

Glazed Pad and Rotors

When the brake stays partially applied because the calipers are stuck, the constant contact between the brake pads and rotors will produce too much friction and heat. This will cause the pads to harden and crystallize, which is also known as glazing. Glazed braking components such as the rotors and pads will produce a squeaking sound when they come in contact with each other, which also diminishes braking power.

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Stay happy, stay safe!