Effective tips to boost your car’s resale value

Effective tips to boost your car’s resale value

Have you ever noticed two identical used cars of same age commanding different prices in the used car market? The reason for this difference is how you use and maintain your car. UAE is a market where a lot of used car transactions take place. The car owners here have a tendency to change their cars more often after a few years of usage. Let’s see some of the key factors that gives you an edge in the used car market.

Regular maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance as per the manufacturers recommendation is a critical part for the optimum performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Replacing critical spare parts of the vehicle well in advance as per the recommendation from the manufacturer instead of waiting until breakdown will be a good practice to follow.

Maintain a service history and documents

A complete record of all the servicing bills and logs is helpful when selling – it is proof of the car's maintenance to the buyer. If your car was running well, this will show in the low servicing requirements and will help improve your car's resale value.

Always choose a service provider who can help you in keeping the service history of your vehicle and provide it to you when required.

Get a service package

Investing in a service package for your vehicle is a good idea to cover you for any unforeseen expenses. Always look for a service package which can be transferrable to the new buyer when you sell the car. It will add to the value and strengthen your bargaining power

Keep all systems in good condition.

Other than the mechanical parts like engine, transmission etc. the electrical and electronic systems of your car should be fully functional. Thing like a fused bulb or broken cabin light switch etc. are all small issues which can be fixed easily without spending much money. Keeping all these unattended can lower the value of your vehicle and also trigger a buyer's bargaining instincts. Spend a little time and money and make sure that all the electricals, right from something like a sunroof to a number plate bulb are working properly.

Avoid engine mods and performance tune-ups

Its always better to stay away from performance modifications unless you have the real need for the same. Firstly, they reduce your potential customer base and you will have to drop your price. Secondly, no one pays more for performance mods since the worry is what damage it might have caused to the car. So, if resale is on your mind, keep the car as close to the stock as possible.

Buy new Tyres

Change the tyres of your vehicle if it’s worn out. New tyres can bring the attention of potential buyers as this is one of the important aspect for the buyer when looking for a used vehicle. This will definitely give you an advantage while bargaining.

Keep it free of traffic tickets

Clear all traffic fines of your vehicle if any. This can have negative impression on the buyer about the usage of the vehicle.

To sum it up, regardless of what car you hold, taking a few steps to preserve its health inside out will fetch you a good value in the used car market. Contact Vehpal (Tollfree – 800 834 725) for your queries.

Stay happy, stay safe!