Car Review - JEEP Grand Cherokee SRT

  VeHPaL      2017-09-28 08:54:30    Jeep

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JEEP® Grand Cherokee SRT

Engine 6400 cc 
BHP 475
No. of Cylinders 8
No. of Gears 8 Speed
Transmission Automatic
Rear AC Vents Yes
Seating Capacity 5
Boot Space 67.5 ft3
Mileage 14 L/ 100 KM
Service Cost -
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank 93.2 Litres


475 bhp, 6.4-litre HEMI V8 Engine doing 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, and go on to a top speed of 258 km/h. Yes, we are talking about a family size SUV!!! The Grand Cherokee SRT is a raging monster inside with a gentleman look from outside!

A performance SUV priced at AED 299,000.00 – much lesser than its German rivals, the Grand Cherokee SRT is whopping good value offering loads of fun on road.



With all the track beating specs that GC SRT is lavishly showing off, it is very much a car that is capable for your daily commute and dropping your kids off at school.

6.4-liter V8 under the hood, paired with the paddle shifted eight-speed automatic and supplemented by adaptive dampers and the six-piston Brembo brakes, the Grand Cherokee will make feel like the king of Asphalt. And yet its brakes aren’t really hard as its suspension relaxes when asked to do so.


It’s this split personality which really allows the Grand Cherokee SRT special. It is easy to handle in city traffic and the slightest fickle on your gas pedal is responded with the signature rumbling of the HEMI engine! When you throttle it down, the 6.4 L monster comes into action with a roar and unleash the real fun what a petrol head would be craving for. Turn it on the ‘Sports Mode’ from the drive select with controls on your paddle shift to experience the real adrenalin rush that the Grand Cherokee SRT has to offer.

Chrysler has done an excellent job in limiting the body roll to the minimum possible considering the proper SUV design. However, I would suggest not to try all your tricks up the sleeve around corners like your usual track sedans or sports cars. Do not expect the off road capability of the usual Jeep Grand Cherokees with the Grand Cherokee SRT. Even though it fares well on sand, Chrysler has compromised a bit of off road capability to make it a king of Asphalt.

The GC SRT comes with a launch control mode to have a go on the track and can launch the 5100 Pounds beast to 100 KMs/ hour in just 4.6 Seconds and a top speed of 258 Kmph.

The ‘Valet Mode’ is a very useful feature of the SRT that limits the maximum speed to 20 KMPH which you can set with a password. All the nerve wracking features are locked and will ensure the safety while you drop your car for valet parking.



The first thing you notice are the deeper bumpers, flared wheel arches and the vents in the bonnet; along with the 20-inch alloy wheels, slim headlamps with LED running lights and Jeep’s trademark seven-slot grille, they give the SRT a blend of sportiness with the traditional SUV looks.

At the back end, there’s a pair of exhaust pipes that hints at the performance on offer. Further neat exterior details include chrome inserts for the front and rear bumpers, and the grille and window line.


There’s no doubt it’s an imposing car on the road, but the SRT’s sporty side is less noticeable from the inside. The basic layout and materials used are similar to those in lesser Grand Cherokees, which includes the premium leather seats although there are a few racier touches splashed around the cabin – including some carbon fiber dash finish for the SRT.

The Uconnect infotainment system was very intuitive and easy to use. The Harman 10 speaker Audio system offers great sound quality. The display in instrument controls gives all the vehicle data including your live engine data and tire pressure.

compass-interior compass-interior

The GC SRT gives a fuel economy of 14 Litres/100 KMs on highways. This is still not bad for a car that boasts of 6.4 L V* churning 475 bhp power. But fuel economy is the least of concern for someone who even thinks of buying a GC SRT. It has lots of goodies to offer for a few extra bucks at your gas station.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is definitely a car for the enthusiasts who seek fun and thrill but yet use the same car for their daily chores. It really has a lot to offer at a few hundred grands cheaper to the German counterparts in the same class of performance SUV’s.


Engine Type Power Torque Fuel Economy Top speed 0-100 Km/Hr
6.4L V8 HEMI 475 hp @ 6000 rpm 470 lb-ft@4300rpm 14 Liters/100 KM 258 Kmph 4.6 Sec
TRANSMISSION 8 Speed Automatic with Paddle Shift