What Do Spark Plugs Do?

Spark plugs are those instruments on the engine, which provides spark to ignite the fuel. Without these little items your engine is not going to start. Spark plugs are a common maintenance items which are required to be replaced in regular intervals.

Why Do Spark Plugs Need to Be Replaced?

Due to a Worn-Out Electrode

Overtime, the metal on the electrode (the piece that helps make the spark) will wear away. When this happens, it will either generates a weaker spark, or cause a misfire. If a misfire occurs, raw fuel can get into the catalytic converter and cause damage to that (expensive) component.

To Prevent Extensive Damage

To prevent damage, it is recommended to change your spark plugs in regular intervals

Standard spark plugs are recommended to be changed every 40,000 KMs, while platinum/iridium tipped spark plugs would last up to 100,000 KMs

The time frame given in the owner’s manual assumes normal operating conditions. If the car is subjected to heavy acceleration and are constantly at 100% throttle or very high RPMs, your spark plugs will wear away faster then the manufacturer specs state.

Symptoms of faulty spark plugs

  1. A misfire
  2. Check engine light is on
  3. Engine surging or running rough at idle
  4. Engine surging or running rough at idle
  5. Decrease in gas mileage
  6. Car feels sluggish, meaning the acceleration is not as good as it used to be

Important Factors for Replacement

Always try to replace your spark plugs with the same exact ones that came from the factory. Not only are spark plugs made of different metals, they come in different heat ranges. Your engine can be damaged if the wrong plugs are installed.

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Understanding Your Car – Spark Plugs