Diesel or Petrol, when buying a car that’s the first main question any prospective car buyer will face . The decision should always be based on the personal choice, driving needs and the economy.

There are multiple Pros for a diesel engine

  • Personal Choice: If you are a frequent traveller or if you travel over long distances on a daily basis, you will find diesel car a better choice for you.
  • Better mileage: Diesel engines gives a better average mileage.
  • Smooth driving experience: Diesel engines are highly powerful, which leads to a smoother ride.
  • Better resale value
  • Durable engines.

And the most popular reason is less frequent diesel engine maintenance. But just because it requires less maintenance that doesn’t mean you have to ignore it completely.

Every car needs maintenance and it holds good for our beloved diesel vehicles as well. Here are some set of general advice/tips for keeping your car perfect and getting more miles in the odometer. These are, as a matter of fact, general advice, which hold good for most diesel cars out there but not all, as the difference in mechanics and engine components exist among different manufacturers.

  • Ensure that there is always sufficient fuel in the tank.
  • Timely oil change and periodic maintenance are two non-negotiable part in car maintenance.
  • If you were on a long journey, allowing your turbocharger to cool down for two minutes is ideal. How do you allow your vehicle to cool down? Just put it in neutral, and allow it to cool down for the recommended time when you come to a stop and end your journey.
  • Keeping your RPM at a moderate level is also important. The RPM (revolutions per minute) kept at an optimal level prevents any damages to the turbocharger, and it also helps protect the gearbox from vibrations.
  • Check the level of the brake fluid and the colour too. If it is dark, replace it.
  • Don’t burden your car with heavy weights. Do not use your car frequently for moving heavy objects. Because more the weight, lesser the mileage. So, if you own a business that requires you to move heavy objects on a daily basis then consider buying an appropriate vehicle for the purpose. Or else, the mileage of your car will be compromised.

 Also to prepare you for your next car service, we’ll look at top essential jobs that should be on your diesel engine maintenance checklist.

  1. Keeping your diesel engine clean should be essential. It will be much easier to spot any oil leak if your car engine is clean from grime and grease. Dirt collected on your engine’s components results in shortening their lifespan and can even decrease fuel efficiency. 
  2. Replace your oil filters (newer diesel engines have two fuel filters) regularly i.e. at around 10000 – 15000 miles. A filthy filter can “choke” your engine, forcing it to use more fuel to get the power and acceleration that you depend on.
  3. Looking after the radiator is another major point. Since diesel engines tend to run hotter than gas motors, their radiators are subject to higher temperatures, which can lead to overheating. Overheating may warp engine components such as cylinders and gasket seals, eventually leading to complete (and potentially irreparable) engine failure.
  4. Another key point is checking the coolant in your diesel engine . The coolant keeps the engine from overheating. Coolant is prone to become more acidic over time. As a result, it can rot the rest of the cooling system including the radiator. In addition to ensuring your coolant is always topped up, make sure that you flush it out and replace the coolant every 60,000 miles.
  5. Every 5,000 miles, you should carry out an oil change. Oil in your vehicle’s engine prevents metal parts from grinding against each other. Without proper lubrication, the engine would get damaged very easily.

It is always good to have your car serviced and maintained by the professionals at your local store. At Vehpal, our qualified and experienced technicians will ensure that your diesel vehicle is operating at its best, keeping you safe on the roads.

Have a safe driving!!

Take care of your beloved Diesel Vehicles