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Effective tips to boost your car’s resale value Have you ever noticed two identical used cars of same age commanding different prices in the used car market? The reason for this difference is how you use and maintain your car. UAE is a market where a lot of used car transactions take place. The car owners here have a tendency to change their cars more often after a few years o... Read more
Why does my brake squeak? It is quite common to be annoyed about unusual noises while you apply your brakes. The concern is very much justified as brake condition is about your safety on roads and who wants to put your self in firing line? Some times brake noises are expected in situations like hard/sudden braking on in dusty driving conditions. Apart from these here are a... Read more
What Do Spark Plugs Do? Spark plugs are those instruments on the engine, which provides spark to ignite the fuel. Without these little items your engine is... Read more
Based on request from our followers, lets discuss ABS - Anti Lock Brake System. Your ABS system prevents the wheels from locking or skidding during braking. If the brakes lock up, the vehicle ... Read more
What does it mean when my Check Engine light is on is a question many of our users have raised to us through our toll-free no and other means. The Check Engine light being on is quite common in older cars and it is something you need to attend in priority. Why Is My Check Engine Light On? To put it in simple words, it is the situation when... Read more
Let us have a look at some of the key factors you should know about you Engine Oil. Oil and filter changes are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to prolong the life of your car. Almost any mechanic or repair shop can change these for you. Pricing varies based on the fluid your car requires and the frequency with which you prefer to change your oil.   Read more
Road trips are fun, exciting and a great way to unwind yourself. But, imagine going on a road trip just to have yourself stranded outside of your vehicle waving for help. That’s what poor preparation will do for you. A long road trip puts your mental and physical limits to the test, therefore it is important to make sure you and your car are ready for it. Here’s... Read more
Car breakdowns are very peculiar, it comes mostly when you are really in a hurry. Your vehicle going on a strike is the last thing you want when you are rushing to an important sales meeting or when you are already late for a flight! Knowledge about a few simple maintenance tips will avoid such situations and keep your car ready to take you to your destinations. Here are some easy steps that yo... Read more