As winter is approaching there will be fewer hours of daylight. This means we should start prepping our cars for winter. By far a bigger issue in UAE in winter, than rain and snow, is fog. Check your vehicle lights and wipers to avoid blurred visibility. Proper car care is the first step for a safe drive in any weather.

Many factors can accelerate the replacement interval of wipers, including operating conditions, frequency of use, material and type of wipers and sunny weather. In fact, wiper blades can deteriorate faster and need more frequent replacement in desert states. Change the wipers blades if necessary and service its motor to keep the windscreen free of snow (which is rare in UAE) or debris. Use your wipers and defogging switch to keep your windshield clean. Usually, in foggy conditions, it is recommended to keep them running on the lowest possible setting. If the windshield isn’t clear, even fog driving lights won’t help. An addendum to keeping your wipers working is to have a full tank of the correct mixture of water and washer fluid.

All the lights (both outside and inside the car) should be working normally. Lights are normal wear items that require periodic inspection and replacement. The lighting system provides night time visibility, signals and alerts other drivers, and supplies light for viewing instruments and the vehicle’s interior. In addition to replacing dimming, rapidly blinking and non-functioning lights, the following tips can help keep you safe: 

  • When there is any doubt on whether or not your headlights should be on, turn them on. Lights not only help you see better in early twilight, they also make it easier for other drivers to see you.
  • Always keep headlights, tail lights and signal lights clean. External dirt and debris can dim operational lights from being seen by others.
  • Don’t overdose your headlights. You should be able to stop inside the illuminated area, otherwise you are creating a blind crash area in front of your vehicle.

With respect to the internal temperature of the car, keep the cabin at an acceptable temperature. For this the climate control system should function well. Your car heater can reduce condensation inside your vehicle and improve visibility when driving through fog. You can run it for a few minutes, switch it off and repeat the process whenever necessary.

Cold weather also creates fog and driving through it requires adjustments as well. Reduce speeds and use the fog lamps and the low beam of your headlight, as using high beam will create a lot of reflection on the fog and will only serve to strain your eyes. Remember to keep a good gap between you and the vehicle in front so that there is a buffer in case of a sudden stop. To drive safely during foggy conditions, especially during the winters, one must be more vigilant in planning.

Don’t forget to check weather updates before leaving your home.  Leave early so that you are not tempted to hit the accelerator. Remember to stick to safe speed limits throughout the journey. You can only drive safely in fog if you are calm. Driving with hazard lights in foggy conditions is against the law. You should use dip lights, which is the default lighting of your car. Low beam lights can be helpful when driving in foggy conditions.

Being prepared always can save you a lot of hassle, money and time. So be sure to check your engine, top off your fluids and prepare for the unexpected. We at Vehpal.com are always ready to assist you for anything and everything you car needs.  For more help with Care Care and maintenance you can read our related blogs :

Have a safe driving!!

Winter is coming!!! Time to check your lights and wipers.