Living in UAE is an experience like no other. It’s rich cosmopolitan culture, never-ending deserts, scintillating nightlife, endless roads and amazing skyline, UAE offers you the best of both the worlds. But as they say, everything comes with its own perils. Life in Dubai is no piece of cake too. There are many challenges that one has to fight through the way while living in Dubai and one of them certainly is its harsh climate.

The weather in Dubai remains rugged and humid even after the expected rainfall, and brings along frequent bouts of sand storms that make everyday commute difficult. Not just that, the continuous dust storms and increasing heat levels pose a great threat to your car that has to brave its way through scorching heat and storm for most parts of the day. This not only significantly affects your car’s exteriors, but also dampens its power and performance.

But worry not! In this article, we’ll help you learn seven essential tips that can help you protect your car from dust and sand damage in UAE. Let’s read along.

1. Rinse Your Car’s Exteriors Often

Sand can cause severe damage to your car’s body paint. It clings to your car, scratches its paint, and clogs the most difficult, hard-to-clean spots. Rinsing sand from your car’s exterior is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to protect your car’s exteriors and minimize the superficial damage that sand storm does to your car.

But do not use sponge to clean your car. The dust particles can stick to the sponge and scratch the paint. Instead, use a water hose to wash your car. Make sure to clean all the nooks where the sand might lurk, well out of your sight.

2. Get It Polished

Car wax offers an added layer of protection to your car. It not only keeps your car shiny, but also minimizes the signs of wear and tear on the surface. You can either polish your car yourself or seek help from car experts for that extra professional touch.

3. Keep Your Car Covered

Cover your car when it’s not in use or when you are going to park your car in the open for long. It’s the simplest trick to protect your car from all the damaging elements of the environment – sun, sand, dust and rain.

4. Clean Your Car Filters Regularly

Sand has the ability to clog and blog your car’s air filter, decreasing the air flow and significantly impacting the performance of your engine. Sand can even cause complete engine failure by damaging the pistons, valves and cylinder walls of your car. To stay safe, it becomes impermeable for car owners in Dubai to get their dirty air filters cleaned or replaced regularly.

You must get into the habit of getting a complete car service done by experts regularly. By servicing your engine and cleaning/ changing the air filters, they can help your car stay new forever.

5. Protect Your Windshield from Sand

Continuous and drastic temperature fluctuations (from when the car is parked in the scorching sun to when you are driving it with the AC switched to its maximum) can damage the windshield of your car. Moreover, sand particles can clog the existing cracks on the glass, thus weakening the glass, exacerbating the damage, and compromising your visibility and safety.

To stay safe, get in the habit of cleaning your windshield regularly. If possible, multiple times a week, especially during sand storms. Rinse the windshield thoroughly before wiping it clean to remove sand particles and reduce the risk of scratching the glass with them.

6. Vacuum Your Car’s Interiors Often

Tempted to leave your car windows open for a bout of fresh air or when you are driving only a short distance? Think again. You might be inviting unwanted sand and dust into your car. And mind you, the sand, which will coat your car’s dashboard, seats and interiors, is tough to remove once it sets in.

So, drive your car with windows closed as often as possible, especially during the dust storm, and get your car interiors vacuumed by experts every now and then. It will not only help you maintain the aesthetics of your car, but will also help you keep it free of all the allergens.

7. Schedule Your Car’s Regular Service and Maintenance

But only with the experts! It’s the most convenient way to ensure the health and performance of your car. Through rigorous checks and regular service and maintenance, professional car service experts can help you clear your car, its interiors, engines and filters from all the dust, sand and debris that UAE storms bring along. Thanks to their car servicing and repairing knowledge and sound technical expertise, professional car mechanics can help you remove the dust and debris from even the most intricate and hard-to-reach areas to help you keep your car sand-free and gleaming like new.

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7 Ways to Protect Your Car from Dust and Sand Damage in UAE