From vehicle maintenance to driver management to appropriate asset utilisation, when it comes to fleet management, commercial fleet managers have to juggle a lot of things together. Efficiently managing the entire fleet operations calls for time, resources and money. To stay productive and to decrease the operational costs, today most of the commercial fleet operators are relying on the power of fleet management systems – like Vehpal Frame. It not only helps to simplify fleet operations, but also increases your fleet’s efficiency and business productivity.

Vehplal’s FLEET REPAIR & ANALYSIS MODULE FOR ENTERPRISE (FRAME) is a revolutionary and powerful fleet management platform that leverages the power of vehicle telematics and big data to help you track, manage and optimise your fleet of vehicles in real time, allowing you to improve your fleet’s performance and productivity, reduce fleet maintenance costs, stay compliant with all the vehicle safety norms, and improve both driver and customer satisfaction.    

Benefits of Choosing Vehpal Frame

Apart from simplifying your fleet’s management and operations, Vehpal Frame offers you a host of other benefits too. These include:

1. Ability to Manage Your Diverse Fleet Management Needs

Fleet management is lot more than just keeping a track of your moving vehicles. It requires efficiently managing all the tools, parts, equipment, expenses and more – at multiple locations, in real time, and Vehpal’s fleet management software does just that. It offers you a 360°view of your fleet’s operational data. By enabling you to track your vehicles, schedule regular inspections for all equipment, tyres and tools for quick repair and maintenance, evaluate inventory needs, optimise budget and calculate future projections, Vehpal Frame helps you to always stay in control.

2. Unmatched Fleet Performance and Reliability in all Types of Environment  

During transit, your fleet has to deal with different rugged environmental conditions. Rain, storm and sun – all take a toll on your fleet equipment and vehicles. Vehpal Frame allows you to stay safe in all types of weather conditions. By giving you complete and up-to-the-minute information about the changing weather conditions, traffic, accidents and alternative routes, Vehpal Frame allows organisations to optimise their fleet’s route to save time, reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve fleet efficiency and manage operational costs.   

3. Real-Time GPS Tracking and LTE Connectivity

The fleet management software comes packed with advanced GPS tracking technology that allows you to obtain up-to-the-minute information about your fleet of vehicles for improved operational efficiency, increased visibility and vehicle safety. GPS connectivity also helps you to access engine data, track idling and fuel use and ascertain all vehicle repairs and maintenance jobs that need immediate attention.

The 4G LTE connectivity ensures faster speed, better access to real time data and greater efficiency at all times.  

4. Comprehensive Driver Data Collection

For the safe running of the fleet vehicles, monitoring your drivers’ health and performance is equally important. Guesswork and cross fingers only lead to accidents and unfortunate incidents. Vehpal Frame tracks your driver data in real time to monitor his hours of service, resting hours, driving speed, braking habits and cornering speeds to ensure both driver and vehicle safety at all times and places. Vehpal’s fleet management software brings real-time visibility into an otherwise remote vehicle that’s thousands of miles away from you.

5. Efficient Fuel Management

Vehpal’s fleet management system allows you to track your vehicle’s fuel usage to evaluate your vehicle’s performance, identify fuel theft, and ensure instant availability of fuel anytime, anywhere. Our vetted diesel suppliers leverage Vehpal’s RFID/ NFC based VVIP (Vehpal Vehicle Identification Process) Technology to provide door-step diesel re-fueling service, thus making sure your trucks are never stranded on the road due fuel shortage or diesel unavailability.

6. Automating Service and Maintenance

Vehicle servicing can be daunting task, especially when the cargo is in transit. Vehpal Frame takes the pain out of the game by providing you with world-class vehicle servicing facilities and assistance even on the go. Our automated and fully equipped software makes sure your vehicles are ready and fit for work. It also provides you timely reminders and alerts for service and maintenance to make sure your vehicles receive proper care and attention and are fully equipped to rule the roads. Vehpal Frame also tracks your vehicle’s performance, maintenance history, part replacement history and breakdown rate, and alerts you when it’s the time to retire and replace the vehicle.

Fleet management systems are the need of the hour. They can not only help you efficiently run your fleet, but also allow you to keep the cost low. So, if you are looking for a complete fleet management solution that efficiently integrates into your organisation and helps you to expertly manage your day-to-day operations with ease and utmost comfort, Vehpal Frame should be your go-to choice.

Powerful, scalable and easy to use, Vehpal Frame provides your real-time insights into your operating vehicles for a safer, more productive fleet.

Reach out to us to know more about Vehpal Frame and we’ll help you streamline your fleet operations for maximum visibility and business profitability.

Streamline Your Fleet’s Chaos with Vehpal’s Fleet Management System